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About the Vermont State Colleges


The Vermont State Colleges are five unique institutions located across Vermont. They include: Castleton University, Community College of Vermont, Johnson State College, Lyndon State College and Vermont Technical College.

While the public corporation known as the Vermont State Colleges was created by Vermont statute in 1961, the institutions were founded over a span of 200 years. The oldest, Castleton University, was founded in 1787. The newest, the Community College of Vermont, was founded in 1970. From 1961 to 1977, the VSC operated largely as a “loose confederation” of colleges. There was little or no coordination of academic, financial or personnel activities. Cooperation between the colleges was minimal and there were few system policies. In 1977, the Board of Trustees asserted their leadership over the colleges and created a more closely aligned system of higher education. The board accepted full responsibility for the financial, academic and personnel activities of the system.

The four-year colleges with liberal arts and pre-professional programs include Castleton University, Johnson State College, and Lyndon State College. These institutions offer degree programs ranging from the associate’s through the master’s level.

The two-year institutions that offer associate degrees include Community College of Vermont and Vermont Technical College. Vermont Technical College also offers an increasing number bachelor's degree programs.

Castleton, Johnson, Lyndon and Vermont Tech all started as Normal Schools and were under the control of the State Board of Education. The Community College of Vermont, an institution that delivers its education all across the state of Vermont through twelve academic centers, partnerships, and the use of technology, was founded by executive order of Governor Deane Davis.

Each college has a distinctive character and each offers programs to meet the special interests and needs of students. Together, the colleges offer outstanding opportunities for Vermonters and non-Vermonters to achieve their personal and professional goals. Credits flow fluidly between them and many students enroll in courses at more than one college. ​​​​​​