The VSC Board of Trustees


The Board of Trustees provides leadership and governance at the system level. System policies govern fiscal, academic and personnel matters.

The Board of Trustees is a body of 15 people. Nine are appointed by the Governor of Vermont and each serve a six-year term. Four trustees are state legislators who are elected by the Vermont Legislature and each serve a four-year term. There is one student trustee elected by the VSC Student Government Association. The student trustee serves a one-year term.

The Vermont State Colleges Board of Trustees plays a vital role in the college experiences of more than 18,000 students of all ages, backgrounds, and lifestyles. The Board also plays a major oversight role for institutions that are vital to the training of Vermont's future workforce and the state’s economic development.


Trustee Roles & Responsibilities

Board Principles & Governance

There are certain clear and accepted principles that govern the board’s conduct of VSC affairs and its relationships. These include the following:

  • Board Members are officers of the system with a fiduciary responsibility for the entire system. They represent statewide, rather than regional, political, or personal interests.
  • The board limits its direct action to the development and oversight of policy and finances, and to the hiring and evaluation of its executive officers.
  • The board takes action as a board, not as 15 individual Trustees. Board members express their views and seek changes within the committees and other structures of the board, rather than “outside” the board process.
  • Openness, trust, and honesty are the trademarks of all dealings between board members, the officers of the institutions, and the public.


Annual Tasks

  • Selection of external auditor and review of audit reports
  • Approval and audit of internal operating and capital budgets
  • Establish tuition rates and fees
  • Develop request for state appropriations
  • Review of existing academic programs under VSC Policy 101
  • Review of and action on new program proposals under VSC Policy 102
  • Review of program enrollment under VSC Policy 109
  • Election of board officers (chair, vice-chair, secretary, and treasurer
  • VSC Board of Trustees Annual Retreat
  • Performance review of Chancellor, college presidents and vice presidents
  • Reappointment of Chancellor and college presidents


On-going Tasks

  • Review of VSC mission
  • System-wide strategic planning
  • Policy development
  • Policy review and revision
  • Participation in legislative activities


Intermittent Tasks

  • Chancellor selection
  • President selection
  • Task Forces on special topics