CCV Policy Manual


Academic Standing CCV Policy.pdfAcademic Standing CCV Policy
Acceptance of Transfer Credit and Other Forms of External Credit CCV Policy.pdfAcceptance of Transfer Credit and Other Forms of External Credit CCV Policy
Admissions CCV Policy.pdfAdmissions CCV Policy
Advising CCV Policy.pdfAdvising CCV Policy
AIDS CCV Policy.pdfAIDS CCV Policy
Alternatives to Earned Credit CCV Policy.pdfAlternatives to Earned Credit CCV Policy
Alumni Association CCV Policy.pdfAlumni Association CCV Policy
Amelioration of Unsuccessful Semesters CCV Policy.pdfAmelioration of Unsuccessful Semesters CCV Policy
Basic Skills CCV Policy.pdfBasic Skills CCV Policy
Certificate Completion Requirements CCV Policy.pdfCertificate Completion Requirements CCV Policy
Code of Ethics CCV Policy.pdfCode of Ethics CCV Policy
Complaint Resolution for Staff CCV Policy.pdfComplaint Resolution for Staff CCV Policy
Computing Network Use for Recreational or Entertainment Purposes CCV Policy.pdfComputing Network Use for Recreational or Entertainment Purposes CCV Policy
Copyright CCV Policy.pdfCopyright CCV Policy
Course Attendance for Faculty CCV Policy.pdfCourse Attendance for Faculty CCV Policy
Course Audit CCV Policy.pdfCourse Audit CCV Policy
Courses Offered through High Schools CCV Policy.pdfCourses Offered through High Schools CCV Policy
Crime Awareness and College Security CCV Policy.pdfCrime Awareness and College Security CCV Policy
Degree Completion Requirements CCV Policy.pdfDegree Completion Requirements CCV Policy
Disabilities Compliance CCV Policy.pdfDisabilities Compliance CCV Policy
Disability_ Accommodation_Policy.pdfDisability_ Accommodation_Policy
Disruptive Person CCV Policy 7.1.2013.pdfDisruptive Person CCV Policy 7.1.2013
Drop Add and Refund CCV Policy.pdfDrop Add and Refund CCV Policy
Employee Assistance Program CCV Policy.pdfEmployee Assistance Program CCV Policy
Enrollment CCV Policy.pdfEnrollment CCV Policy
Evaluation System CCV Policy.pdfEvaluation System CCV Policy
Faculty_ Evaluation_ Policy.pdfFaculty_ Evaluation_ Policy
Faculty_Development_ Policy.pdfFaculty_Development_ Policy
Field Experiences CCV Policy.pdfField Experiences CCV Policy
Honors CCV Policy.pdfHonors CCV Policy
Independent Studies CCV Policy.pdfIndependent Studies CCV Policy
Mission, Vision and Values Statement CCV.pdfMission, Vision and Values Statement CCV
Non-discrimination CCV Policy.pdfNon-discrimination CCV Policy
Policy on Policy CCV Policy.pdfPolicy on Policy CCV Policy
Requirements for CCV Staff Teaching or Taking Courses CCV Policy.pdfRequirements for CCV Staff Teaching or Taking Courses CCV Policy
Research by or About CCV Students, Faculty or Staff CCV Policy.pdfResearch by or About CCV Students, Faculty or Staff CCV Policy
Salary Advance CCV Policy 05.27.10.pdfSalary Advance CCV Policy 05.27.10
Service Animal CCV Policy.pdfService Animal CCV Policy
Sexual Harassment CCV Policy.pdfSexual Harassment CCV Policy
Small Group Study CCV Policy.pdfSmall Group Study CCV Policy
Staff Bereavement Leave CCV Policy.pdfStaff Bereavement Leave CCV Policy
Staff Hiring Practices CCV Policy.pdfStaff Hiring Practices CCV Policy
Staff Professional Development CCV Policy.pdfStaff Professional Development CCV Policy
Staff Records CCV Policy.pdfStaff Records CCV Policy
Staff Tuition Waivers Policy.pdfStaff Tuition Waivers Policy
Student Advisory Board CCV Policy.pdfStudent Advisory Board CCV Policy
Student Financial Obligations CCV Policy.pdfStudent Financial Obligations CCV Policy
Student Records CCV Policy.pdfStudent Records CCV Policy
Substance Use and Abuse CCV Policy.pdfSubstance Use and Abuse CCV Policy
Tuition and Fees CCV Policy.pdfTuition and Fees CCV Policy
Unpaid Leave CCV Policy.pdfUnpaid Leave CCV Policy
VSC Residency Policy.pdfVSC Residency Policy
Weapons CCV Policy.pdfWeapons CCV Policy

See also VSC Policies for the following:
  • Non-Discrimination and Prevention of Harassment and Related Unprofessional Conduct (VSC Policy 311)
  • Determination of In State Residency for Tuition Purposes (VSC Policy 301)
  • VSC Complaint Procedure
  • Computing - Telecommunications Technology Conditions of Use (VSC Policy 502)